Part of the care after surgery and various serious internal medicine diseases is the hospitalization of your pet. It is mostly a so-called "One-day" care, but often for several days to a week.

That is why the VetPoint team consists of 5 experienced and well-trained veterinary assistants, without whom this work would not be possible. Almost every day we provide individual care for animals after operations, injuries, in the management of serious diseases and the like. Hospitalization is similar to that in hospitals. The only difference is that instead of beds, we have patients placed individually (especially from a safety point of view) in hospitalization boxes of appropriate size.

We control body temperature, weight, changes in respiration, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, as well as the frequency and quality of defecation with any other specific examinations and analyzes.

We also have a separate room for our feline patients. Cats are usually much more difficult to manage hospitalization and their stay with us is usually very stressful for them. Especially for this reason, in countries with advanced veterinary care, there are trends of either purely cat clinics or, in large clinics such as ours, the creation of separate cat wards. We try to apply these trends as much as possible in our workplace.

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