Oncology is a highly specialized multidisciplinary medical field. This means that departments such as internal medicine, clinical pathology, imaging techniques, but also surgery meet here. The task of oncology is to clearly name the type of ongoing cancer, ie to make a diagnosis, explain the prognosis and propose adequate treatment.

Today, we can diagnose and treat a large number of cancers. We can improve the quality of life with these diseases and reasonably extend the time our four-legged family members still spend with us. That is why we have established cooperation with a specialist in this field, MVDr. Ondřej Škor, Dipl.ECVIM-CA (oncology).

Medical oncology

  • Consultation and proposal of further procedure - both in diagnostics and in treatment of patients with already diagnosed cancer at another veterinary workplace
  • Oncological diagnostics in patients with suspected cancer - a complete oncological examination and the so-called "Staging" (extent of cancer) to determine the severity and prognosis of ongoing disease
  • We have a wide range of imaging tests available at our clinic - X-ray, ultrasound (ultrasonography) and also endoscopy of the respiratory tract and digestive system.
  • Sampling and evaluation of samples for cytological examination in our workplace

Surgical oncology

  • We have many years of experience in the surgical treatment of cancer
  • Each surgery is planned in close collaboration between the oncologist and the surgeon

Non-surgical treatment of cancer patients

  • We have the most modern equipment for the safe application of drugs for cancer patients - laminar box and infusion machines
  • For each patient, the therapy is set individually, literally tailored to respect their needs as well as the expectations and capabilities of the owner
  • Our care does not end with the application of specific therapy at the clinic, on the contrary - we are a support for our patients and their owners during the entire treatment of oncological diseases.

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